The Divine Portal Oracle Deck

Welcome to the Your Pussy is Your Oracle Deck Project.

This year my birthday gift (2/15) to the world is the wisdom and divination of the yoni. I have been collecting photographs of pussy from around the world, all colors, shapes and sizes, all genders. I am rendering them into artistic representations of our greatest tool for divination and giving each one of them an oracle card. I am creating these cards to give you answers when you are stuck, spiritual guidance when you feel lost and inspiration when you feel creative. It can be used for intuitive divination, orgasmic meditation, and sexual transmutation.

Deck System Includes:

  • 53 Oracle Cards (high-quality cardstock, velvet matte finish). Each yoni card will have its own archetype, a reading and ritual,
  • 111-page Guidebook
  • Beautiful Storage Box

The project is underway and the deck is slated to be completed by February 15, 2021.
Support this project’s campaign and preorder your deck HERE.

update February 15, 2021:

Indiegogo, the platform I was using to promote and pay for the deck through preorders has deemed my project too pornographic and is withholding funds until further notice. So I have had to pay out of my own pocket to have them printed. This has pushed our print date back to March 7th. with anticipated DELIVERY by March 15th.

To preorder the deck, click here (if you preordered on Indiegogo you will still receive your deck).

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