Introducing the first and only cuddle program created by Black women, that CENTERS Black women – ALL of us.

WE CAME TOGETHER. A GROUP OF BLACK WOMEN, with education varying form trade school to PhD, from a variety of regional, social and religious backgrounds, a mix of queer, heteroflexible and heterosexual identifications, to face a shared problem with non-sexual intimate touch..
WE INVITED TRANSWOMEN, women with differently abled bodies, and asexual women, to the table. We examined and explored touch, intimacy and sensation through the lens of Blackness, creating a beautiful, trauma-informed and culturally competent curriculum and certification program for cuddle therapy.

This 4 week/4 module course covers the basics of touch, the history of cuddling, the science of hugs, while maintaining the sacred spiritual understanding of human contact and decolonizing touch and connection.


1. Return To Touch

Cuddle Therapy 101
will take you on a journey through the history of touch therapy examining the foundations of touch & the human body

3. Healing Oppression

The Sacredness of Intentional Touch
this was never about you; it’s all about THEM. How to co-create intentional space for your client’s transformation , healing & restoration

2. Liberating our Bodies

The Power of healing touch
the space where our hands + hearts/spirit collide

4. Our Path to Liberation

Decolonizing Touch
unlearning will be a continuous process you must commit to it for your practice and the growth/healing/expansion of your clients

Our Mission – To protect and heal Black bodies using the power of touch and cuddle therapy, to decolonize non-sexual intimate touch, and to offer Black & Indigenous People of Color touch therapists a safe space to learn and grow their practice.

The course costs $895 (early bird registration is $695) which includes 4 weeks of education and a lifetime of support. The course is taught entirely online with an in-person retreat as an optional path to certification.



I am Amina, a reformed quick hugger and cuddle HATER. I am a intimacy coach, sex doula and embodiment nerd. Identifying with and studying under the Vajryana Buddhist lineage, I know of the power of sensation and connection. As an intimate touch practitioner, I am witness to the healing offering that skin to skin contact provides. I am excited to be of service to community in this offering.


I am Shayla a Co-Creator of CuddleSage. I am a professional platonic cuddler, a mental health therapist, a sexuality & emotional empowerment coach, and a healing facilitator. My work is empowerment based, holistic, sex-positive, compassion centered, and trauma-informed. Touch is one of my love languages.


I’m Tsani, the creator of Tantra Blue  and co-creator of Cuddlesage. I am an Atlanta based wellness enthusiast, certified erotic touch practitioner, encourager of deeper intimate connections,  intentional hugger, certified cuddle professional and all around pleasure activist.  I believes everyBODY deserves a safe and nurturing space to be touched and it can all start with just one cuddle!


I am Selema, your love practitioner, spreading love healing and pleasure through the use of cuddle love therapy, conscious erotic touch, foot love and worship and all sensations that liberate the mind body and spirit. My superpower is helping you stop to enjoy the pleasure that your body is capable of.


I’m a writer by trade, hugger by nature. As an empathic and intuitive medicine woman, my healing practice is driven by my innate curiosity and insatiable desire to cultivate conscious human connections. 

In the cuddle space, I provide technical assistance with research and development and helped write the Cuddlesage curriculum. 

I’m a retired designated driver and typically on everyone’s emergency contact list. I hope you’ll come cuddle with us.

Let’s make touch together.

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